Ph.D Programme

Ph.D. program of Textile department is aimed at outstanding young Textile Engineers who want to continue their career in academia and textile industry. In the modern era in order to export the goods and meet the compliance criteria of well-known buyers, the industry is facing an uphill task of establishing R & D culture.

Our Ph.D program would enable the students to gain high quality doctoral qualification and also they will develop an understanding of technology driven business they would be able to innovate and respond to the challenges faced during product and process development.

During this program, students will gain experience by working closely with collaborating industrial R & D teams. During the degree the students will be placed in an industry to conduct the research for a significant time period.

Research Areas

Looking at the expertise of our faculty members and the facilities available in the department, we can cover the following research areas:

· Fabric Manufacturing and Design
· Yarn Manufacturing and Value Addition Technology
· Dyeing, Printing and Finishing
· Color Science & Management
· Quality Control, Testing and Evaluation
· Textile and Environment
· Textile Machinery
· Modeling and Simulation in Textile
· Conventional and Novel Textile Fibers
· Technical Textiles
· Textile Composites
· Textile Clothing
· Textile Production and Management
· Textile Design & Creativity


Publication List