8th June 2022: NEDAAS Awards for Faculty

The Department is pleased to announce the outstanding achievement of its faculty members on winning this year's NED Alumni Association of Southern California Awards 2020. Prof. Dr. Bilal Zahid won the Best Teacher Award and Dr. Muhammad Amir Qureshi won the Best Researcher Award.

This is another landmark achievement that establishes the fact that the Department and its competent faculty members are fully committed to set academic benchmarks and scale new frontiers of discovery.

8th May 2022: Smartex Delegation Visit

A delegation form the Smartex Project member countries (Sponsored by the EU under Erasmus+ Program) visited the NED University from 8th to 12th May 2022.

SMARTEX is a curriculum development CBHE Erasmus+ project. It involves three EU universities (from Greece, Belgium and Spain), a training and consultancy company from Greece plus 2 Universities from Malaysia, 2 from Indonesia and 2 from Pakistan, all having departments in the field of textiles engineering and fashion.


The general objective of the project is to support the modernization and internationalization of Higher Education Institutes in Malaysia, Indonesia and Pakistan, in the context of the priorities identified in the New EU Consensus in Development and the EU Higher Education in the World.


28th September 2021

The Department of Textile Engineering and Afroze Textiles signed a MoU to enter into a mutually beneficial working relationship with the goal of forming an innovative and high performing industry – academia linkage.
The primary objective is to facilitate meaningful collaboration among students, faculty and industry through patronizing applied research and industrial endeavors. It is expected that the professional and research experience of faculty would be beneficial for Afroze Textiles in due course of time.
Afroze Textiles will provide renovation and necessary equipment for the setup of a Computer Aided Design (CAD) laboratory at the Department and collaborate in joint research and development of innovative products for uplifting the national economy.

12th July 2021:

Erasmus on Going project Brocher Click Here

10th June 2021

Mr. Bilal Lari, Executive Director Afroze Textile Industries visited Textile Engineering Department on Thursday 10th June 2021. He expressed his keen interest in collaborating with the department in R&D projects in the future.

12th April 2021

A Guest Lecture was arranged on "Chemical Testing of Textiles" at the Petroleum Conference room by the Textile Engineering Department. the Guest Speaker was Mr Abdullah Nisar, Technical Manager Laboratory, from Connectivity and products C&P-SGS Pakistan Pvt Ltd. Flyer


9th April 2021

Textile Engineering Department invited Mr. Muhammad Syed, Team Lead Europe from Midas Safety Inc for a guest lecture to speak on “Recent Advancements in Marketing and Merchandising” on 12th April 2021 at 11:00am and an audience of approximately 60 Students and Faculty Members from Textile Engineering Department attended the lecture. Flyer


Dr. Quratulain Mohtashim, Assistant Professor at Textile Engineering Department received the Best Researcher Award 2020.

Dr. Quratulain Mohtashim, Assistant Professor at Textile Engineering Department attended the NED Higher Education Training.

Dr. Fareha Asim, Associate Professor at Textile Engineering Department received  the Best Researcher Award 2020 for publishing research papers:

1)  Performance Evaluation of Anti Pilling & Easy Care Finished Rayon and Rayon/Cotton Satin Fabric at the Journal of Natural Fibers.
2) Anti Pilling and Resin Finish of Rayon and Rayon/Cotton Fabrics using 2332 Mixed Level Factorial Design at AATCC Journal of  Research
3) Effect of Cross Linking Agents on the Strength Characterstics of Cellulosic Fabrics using 2332 Mixed Level Factorial at Pigment & Resin  Technology.

Dr. Farhana Naeem, Assistant professor at Textile Engineering Department  received  the Best Researcher Award 2020 for publishing research papers.

​8th April 2021

A guest lecture has been arranged for SE students tomorrow at 10:30pm at Conference Room of Department of Petroleum Engineering.
The topic of interest is "Pre-tretament of Denim", which would be conducted by Manager RnD, Mr. Raza-ur-Rehman at Soorty Enterprises Pvt Ltd. Flyer

A Guest Lecture was arranged for the Final Year Students of Textile Engineering Department  at the Conference Room of Department of Petroleum Engineering, The Guest Speaker was invited from Lucky Textile Mills on 8th April 2021 at 11:00 AM

7th April 2021

A Guest Lecture was arranged for the Final Year Students of Textile Engineering Department on Technical Textiles at Civil AV Hall on 7th April 2021 at 10:00 AM, MR Sufwan Farooq , Head of Sustainable & Compliance, From Midas Safety Pakistan was one of the speaker, Ms. Misbah Majeed, Deputy Manager Production, Beltexco, Midas Safety Pakistan was The second speaker. For Details Click Here


5th April 2021

A guest Lecture on Recent Advancements in Marketing and Merchandising was arranged for the Final Year Textile Engineering Students on 5th April 2021 at 2:00pm and an audience of approximately 40 Students and Faculty Members from Textile Engineering Department attended the lecture.

31st March 2021, 1st April 2021

Students of Second Year Textile Sciences visited Afroze Textile Mill on 31st March & 01 April 2021 to visualize the practical implementation of Textile Engineering  knowledge on the bulk scale"


2nd- 3rd March 2020

4th NED International Textile Conference & 5th All Pakistan DICE Textile Innovation Event 2020 took place on 2nd - 3rd March 2020 at NED University of Engineering & Technology organized by Textile Engineering Department. Almost 50 industries and 250 industrial guests participated in the event. There were 6 international speakers and 13 national speakers, academicians and 300 students who  participated in the event.

10th January 2020

A study visit  for Second year Textile Sciences student is arranged to Amna Industries Landhi.

9th January 2020

Special guest lecture has been arranged for Final year Textile Engineering students

7th January 2020

An industrial visit to Al Karam Textile Mills Ltd Landhi is arranged for Final year Engineering and Third year Textile Sciences Students. The visit was focused on the Rotor Spinning facility


Dr.Saira Faisal visited Archroma for training.


Dr. Muhammd Ali received the Best Publication Award 2019

Dr Saira Faisal  received the Best Publication Award 2019

Dr. Owais Raza Siddiqui  received the Best Publication Award 2018

Dr. Muhammd Ali received the Best Publication Award 2018

Dr. Muhammd Ali received the Best Teacher Award 2018


Student session was arranged for students by IKEA

30th December 2019:

Dr Salma farooq and Dr. Dawood visited PHMA to brief about the upcoming Textile Conference NEDITC 2020 and DICE Textile 2020. PHMA have agreed to be on board with the Department.

28th December 2019

facutly Visited Al Ameen Textile Industry for the discussion of NEDITC 2020 and Dice textile 2020.

20th -21st December 2019:

Dr. Salma Farooq Associate professor in Textile Engineering Department  chaired a session in  NED-Women Conference 2019: Perspectives on Women Development between 20-21 December 2019, in Karachi. The theme of the conference is PERCEIVING WOMEN EMPOWERMENT IN THE CHANGING GLOBAL SCENARIO that aims to provide a forum for academic discussion and framing an action plan for such policy initiatives that would help in supporting women who are making a struggle every day in their personal and professional positions to break down the barriers and to “create a better world for everyone.”

14th December 2019:

Dr. Sheeraz Hussain, Associate Professor in Textile Engineering Department Presented his research paper in International conference in China.

13th December:

A special lecture was arranged on 13th December 2019 on Latest Trends in Indigo Dyeing (The 5)

12 December 2019:

Dr Amir Qureshi, Assistant Professor in Textile Engineering Department presented his research work in a peer reviewed International conference on Materials Engineering and Nanotechnology at Kuala lumpur, Malaysia.

11 December 2019:

An industrial visit to Lucky textile mills (Unit-4) was arranged for third year Textile Engineering Students

14th November 2019:

Dr. Dawood Husain, Assistant Professor, Textile Engineering Department received Rupees 8 Million Sixty Thousand for the purpose of the Development of s mart shirt for Ambulator

20th September  2019:

TUKAcad Cloud Learning Edition Software License for Pattern making, grading & marker making were installed on the Computers of Soorty Lab, Textile Engineering Department

21 August 2019:

Textile Department of NED University of Engineering and Technology has arranged a job test and interviews for the graduating batches of BE and BS Textiles in the department where various companies HR representatives were invited to recruit the graduating students.


18th April 2019:

Career Seminar 2019

A career seminar was arranged by Textile Engineering Department under the umbrella of AATCC NED Chapter. Career Seminar offers an interactive environment where you can learn from experts, practice with peers, and receive employer tips. This is a great opportunity to get answers to all your career-related questions by our experienced alumni and speakers.

28th March 2019:

Inauguration of Soorty Computer Lab

Soorty Computer lab has been developed with the collaboration of Soorty Enterprises Pvt Ltd

An inauguration ceremony was held at the Department of Textile Engineering, NED University of Engineering and Technology in recognition of the generous contribution by Soorty Enterprises towards the establishment of “Soorty Computer Laboratory”.

The facility was inaugurated on Thursday by the honorable Mrs. Nargis Soorty and Mr. Asad Soorty, Directors Soorty Denim, Pakistan along with Vice Chancellor Dr. Sarosh H.Lodi.

The well-furnished laboratory has been equipped with forty (40) high-end HP Workstations, Samsung 55” UHD Display and Cisco Network Infrastructure.

19th March 2019:

Mock Visit for Postgraduate Programme

19th March 2019:

Training Session

A training session was held at Textile Engineering Department. The trainer, Mr.Salman was from the Textile Industry, many students and industry professionals participated in the training.

23rd & 24th January 2019:

Industrial Visit

An Industrial Visit was arranged for third year Textile Engineering to Gul Ahmed Textile Mills. The visit was aimed to provide practical knowledge in the area of Textile Dyeing.

15th January, 2019:

Book Publication

A book chapter has been published in the book titled: "Smart Textile Coatings and Laminates" which is  co-authored by Assistant professor of Textile Department,  Dr Muhammad Owais Raza Siddiqui. The book reviews a variety of topics about textile coatings and laminates and aims to stimulus for developing new and improved textile products.

The book has been published by Textile Institute, was established by Royal Charter in 1925 along with Woodhead Publisher and Elsevier.

The book can be purchased from

Book cover1.jpg

10th January , 2019:

Farewell Lunch

Farewell lunch was arranged by the Textile faculty with the department's retiring employee, Mr. Kaleemullah  after his distinguished services


7th January 2019:

Industrial Visit

An Industrial Visit to Soorty Enterprises was arranged on Monday, 7th January 2019 for TS students.

20th December 2018:

Guest Lecture

A Guest Lecture was arranged for BE, BS and TE students by COO Naveena Industries at Petroleum Lecture Hall NEDUET.

28th November 2018:

Textile Department has signed an MOU with the foreign universities likeTianjin university and Minjiang university for a faculty and student exchange programme.

15th November 2018

Industrial Visit

Industrial Visit for BE, batch 2015-16 was arranged to support the course TE-453, Garment Manufacturing with industrial practices at Yunus Textile Mill.

24th October 2018:

Textile Branding & Sustainability Seminar

One day seminar on Sustainability and Textile Brands was held on Wednesday, 24th of October 2018. Prof. Long Lin from Department of Color Sciences, University of Leeds, UK was the speaker of the seminar.

43687226_2221417098094318_1476568726542221312_oA.jpg 44892763_2221414624761232_4988631035727052800_nA.jpg
44961976_2223097217926306_5275633150016356352_nA.jpg 45009503_2223096221259739_2332138529871626240_oA.jpg
44921191_2221434624759232_2782857311356452864_o.jpg 44942154_2221435284759166_5886334773172895744_o.jpg
Front Page copy1.jpg

8th October 2018:

Employment ratio in the 1st month of graduation

38 out of 120 students of BE and BS are employed in various textile mills in a month after graduation.

1st October 2018:

On Campus Job Test and Interviews 2018 By United Towels

20181001_111123.jpg 20181001_111222.jpg

17th September 2018:

On Campus Job Test and Interviews 2018

Textile Department of NED University of Engineering and Technology arranged a job test and interviews for the graduating batches of BE and BS Textiles in the department where various companies HR representatives were invited to recruit the graduating students.

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-18 at 9.18.21 AM.jpeg index.jpg

DICE- Water & Energy

Students of BE Textile participated in DICE - water & Energy

27th- 28th September 2018:

PEC Visit 2018

OBE based PEC visit was scheduled on 27th -28th September. It was the 2nd OBE accreditation Visit by PEC , the department was accreditated before on OBE based in 2016 as well. 

11th September - 1st October:

Career Drive

Career drive was arranged by the Textile Department , in which various companies were invited for Job Test and Interviews, the industries that participated in the drive are:

  1. Gul Ahmed Textile Mills
  2. Alkaram Textile Mill
  3. Artistic Fabric Mill
  4. Artistic Apparels
  5. Feroz 1888
  6. Yunus Textile Mill
  7. Soorty Denim Enterprise
  8. United Towels Exporters Pvt Ltd

8th-9th September 2018:

Faculty Participation in International Conference in China

Engr. Farhana Naeem and Dr Owais Raza attended 2IFTG International Forum Of Textile for graduate students at Tianjin poly Technical university China.

20th August 2018:

The Annual Dinner 2018

The annual dinner was arranged on 20th August 2018 by the final year students of Textile Engineering and Textile Sciences.

39933187_2114338438819349_4893777400254431232_o.jpg 39868566_2114354832151043_7618201256347041792_o.jpg

16th August 2018:

Mini Project and Poster Exhibition

Mini project and poster exhibition was arranged by Dr. Bilal Zahid For BS and SE Textile Students. The students displayed their posters at Fabric Manufacturing Lab and shared their ideas of their project to the guests.


unnamed (1).jpg IMG_20180816_113007.jpg IMG_20180816_111759.jpg


IMG_5717.jpg 058a4d53-8830-4ace-8d49-c352b05666ab.jpg 0cf20daf-0cc3-4c2a-b0eb-f7caef64f3bd.jpg

13th August 2018:

Independance Day Celebration

Independence day 2018 was celebrated in the Textile Engineering Department , The students and Faculty participated and a cake cutting ceremony was held.

39249466_958127087679456_3519532043291590656_o.jpg 39213590_958117151013783_6816008864190693376_o.jpg IMG_20180813_113215017A.jpg
IMG_20180813_113226654A.jpg 39196847_958116937680471_3623979828249624576_o.jpg IMG_20180813_113403856A.jpg

2nd August 2018:

Career Seminar 2018

Career Seminar 2018 was arranged under the umbrella of AATCC. Speakers from different industries were invited to share their experience to the students.

38471367_2160805644155464_3921946723462676480_o_0.jpg 38612466_2162802240622471_5309890513543888896_n.jpg 38279349_2160806610822034_6180120917155250176_n.jpg

17th July 2018:

DICE 2018

Dice Event was held where the students presented their project work.

38792544_2169536943282334_3120220468401930240_n.jpg 38926483_2169537889948906_8398300366797537280_n.jpg 38869565_2169536026615759_3695902809422561280_o.jpg

April 2018:

Higher Education Commission Exibition in China

Dr. Muhammad Dawood Husain Exhibited NEDUET stall at Higher Education Exhibition China (HEEC) Wuhan, China in  April 2018.

china expo.jpg

February 2018:

Faisalabad Conference

Dr. Dawood presented a talk on International Conference on Emerging Trends in Knitting, National Textile University Faisalabad in Feburary 2018

Knitting.jpg knitting conf.jpg


Dyestar Printing Symposium

A Textile Printing symposium in collaboration with Dystar Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd was  organized by Mr. Muhammad Zubair and Dr. Muhammad Ali, Assistant Professors in the Textile Engineering Department. The event took place on 2nd February 2018. Final year students of both engineering and sciences programs were present as audience. The speaker at the event was Mr. Henning Eilders, Business Development Manager, Global Printing – DyStar GmbH. Mr. Hennings in his presentations talked about challenges and sources of error in screen printing applications with pigments and Cadira Printing PX- Reactive printing wash off process. The presentations were followed by question answer sessions. The students showed great interest in the presentation.

IMG_9460A.jpg IMG_9467A.jpg IMG_9542A.jpg

Training on Instructor's competency buildup in Seoul, South Korea

Dr. Muhammad Ali attended a 2 months training on instructor’s competency buildup in Seoul, South Korea. The training was organized by the Korean International Cooperation Agency and participants from 8 countries were present. Dr. Muhammad Ali was awarded 1st prize in teaching skill competition. In addition, Dr. Muhammad Ali was also awarded an appreciation letter in recognition of his contribution towards the conduct of training as a group leader


November 2017

Faisalabad Conference

Dr. Muhammad Dawood Husain presented a talk on International Technical Textile Conference at National Textile University, Faisalabad Pakistan in Nov 2017