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The Department is proud to have an Alumni  whose cooperation and dedication have done wonders in establishing a highly beneficial relationship and liaison between students and employers from the industry.

The Alumni can trace back its roots to the year 2001 when the first of the annual reunions was held. Since then these reunions are held annually and serve as a benefiting and rewarding experience not only for the students but also for alumni as they meet prospective candidates which can prove to be an asset for their respective industries.

The alumni plays an effective role in development and restructuring of the curriculum through frequent suggestions based on industry experiences and delivering guest lectures to students.

With widespread availability of social networking sites like Facebook these connections are ever so easily maintained, managed and updated.The Department's official Facebook group serves the above cited goals and objectives.

Future Alumni Of The Department

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Textiles thriving alumni provide a wide range of opportunities for socializing, networking and volunteering, and contribute significantly to the rich alumni experience that defines Textiles.

The Textile experience means much more than your years on campus. Alumni find Textile just as exciting, inspiring and enriching after graduation, and the connection lasts a lifetime.

From Alumni Day and Reunions to class trips, service projects and local dinners, your class provides myriad opportunities to connect with the University and with your classmates



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