Erasmus+ Project

SMARTEX is a curriculum development CBHE Erasmus+ project. It involves three EU universities (from Greece, Belgium and Spain), a training and consultancy company from Greece plus 2 Universities from Malaysia, 2 from Indonesia and 2 from Pakistan, all having departments in the field of textiles engineering and fashion.  

The general objective of the project is to support the modernisation and internationalisation of Higher Education Institutes in Malaysia, Indonesia and Pakistan, in the context of the priorities identified in the New EU Consensus in Development and the EU Higher Education in the World.


Dr. Muhammad Tufail (PVC NEDUET) as Project LEAR

Dr. Bilal Zahid (Associate Professor) as Project Manager

Dr. Salma Farooq (Chairperson Textile Dept.) as Project Member

Mr. Sajeeruddin Muhammad (Director Finance) as Project Manager

Engr. Shehroze Ali Baig (Research Associate) as Project Researcher

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