Computer Laboratory


The Department has two fully equipped computing facilities, the general purpose“Computer Laboratory” and the specialized “Computation, Simulation & Design- CSD Laboratory” equipped with a cumulative node count of more than 60 high-end workstations. These workstations are utilized for E-test, conducting practicals of various subjects, scientific and engineering problem solving.

The laboratories are connected with the national HEC-PERN network through high speed fibre optic link and all online information resources including the University Portal and the National Digital Library are accessible from within the Departmental LAN.

The department possesses a fully equipped Computation Laboratory to cater the information and CAD/CAE needs of students and faculty members.

The lab is furnished with nearly 80 workstations.
In addition, the students and faculty acquire various other software products and advanced computational facilities from the High Performance Computing Center of the University for research and development.

One of the computer labs is currently being upgraded through a CSR initiative of Soorty Enterprize.