Textile Testing Lab II

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In addition to hosting practicals for the B.E. courses it provides support to undergraduate students in carrying out their project work and course assignments.

It also provides extensive support to Faculty Members for the research related practical work.

The Laboratory uses most widely used "Standards" such as American Society Testing & Materials (ASTM),American Association of Textile Colourists & Chemists (AATCC) and International Standards Organization (ISO) to accomplish the testing required.

The laboratory is one of the Department's Textile Testing Laboratories, and carries out a wide range of tests on a variety of textile materials. Our range tests include:

  • Yarn Twist Test
  • Yarn Count Test
  • Yarn Spice Strength Test
  • Yarn Grading
  • Hardness of Yarn


The laboratory is equipped with state-of-the art machinery, including the:

  • Uster Evenness Tester
  • Yarn Tension Meter
  • High Precision Mechanical Twist tester
  • Yarn Examining Machine
  • Wrap Reel
  • Yarn Splice Strength Tester
  • Universal Yarn Count Balance
  • Yarn Splice Strength Tester
  • Uster Auto Sorter
  • Hardness Tester
  • Yarn Speed Meter
  • Yarn Viewer
  • Laboratory Mixing Extruder with Take-up System