BE Textile Engineering Batch 2019 Onwards

The Department offers a 4 year program leading to the Degree of Bachelor of Engineering in Textile Engineering.

This is a regular full time day programme and the instructional programme and examinations system of the University are based on the Semester System.

Medium of instruction in all courses and laboratories is English.

Practical Viva-Voice Examinations are held along with the Theory Examination by the Department where practical work forms part of the curriculum.

The course titles assigned to the courses of studies for B.E. degree programme prescribed by the university are represented through mixed notations which consists of an abbreviation for the teaching department offering the course followed by a three digit number.

Abbreviations used for teaching departments offering courses:

CE Civil Engineering
ME Mechanical Engineering
IM Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering
EE Electrical Engineering
CIS Computers & Information Systems Engineering
EL Electronic Engineering
TC Telecommunication Engineering
TE Textile Engineering
MB Mathematics & Basic Sciences
CS Computer Science
HS Humanities
  1. The first number indicates the year in which the course is offered.
  2. The second number indicates the area of specialization within a subject area.
  3. The third number indicates the sequential position of a course in a particular specialization.


For detailed course outlines of the Textile courses view the Syllabus